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time to grow up and ignore

sorry..facing the third night of being left at the bar I struck first.  So....Chris, Collin (two LLs .... as if he deserves it since we all know he doesn't have a job) you can crawl over my body tonight but ... thats the end of the take.  Jordan ... can suck it.  Thats curtain call for him.  And Shane.....don't push me.  Else you'll begin the end for it all.  

It is the beginning.  Tired of it all.  Colin ( one L on purpose ) don't fall anymore or poo your pants at the bar.  Chris ... don't hide behind your tie or crap on colin's little thing.  Shane ... good luck ... I don't get pushed.  AND Jordan ... don't play with me when I am paying your way.

Night "friends"


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