Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

quick notes ....

so as you probably know we had a little earthquake about two weeks ago.  I havent posted since then so gotta express my cool experience with something I have never felt before.  ( I know a 5.2 isn't big in CA but I also don't experience riots, fires, killer bees and the like so this was interesting for me) ... laying there....sleeping....I wake up to the bed swaying right to left as if someone is pushing on one side...kinda like rocking a car??  anyhow..I immediately think that the guy sleeping next to me is moving too much in sleep so I shake back to wake him up then of course....I remember I am sleeping alone.  (rare night right?  teasing) so I jump to my feet and start running through the house turning on all the lights and watching my back because hey..this must be a buglar??  ( I was asleep dont forget ) then I realize it was shaking in the other room and it stops.  I hear footsteps in the apartment above and turn on the tv.  And the news guy is on Sunrise 3 and he is like .... blah blah blah oh and if you felt something just now we did too and we are gonna find out.  I was like earthquake big enough to wake me...I was so 5:30 am I called both my parents, a couple friends my grand parents ... and all of them where awake and felt it but none realized anyone else had felt it.  So that was the Great Quake of 08 and we all settled to enjoy Quake 08 Relief Party at the bar that night.  lol.  

Other news ... upset 8 belles died on the track today at the derby.  That was my horse to win.  At least she got second and gave it her all to win.

I cleaned house this past week like crazy.  Murphy oiled the hardwood floors, and went to the nines...was off all week and fresh on an adderrall high.  good times.


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