Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

concession speech

disclaimer: I was drunk so don't get too caught up in spelling and grammer.  Slightly over the top as I often am while drunk but ... sober now and still think McCain will have 08 if it is Obama.  You need more than africian americans and college educated white liberals to win the White House.

 From me in reality ... 

You fucking ignorant idots.  You stupid bitches that needs to be destroyed.  Your nothing ... nothing...than Mccain's fools.

I dont give a shit about North Carolina.  I dont give a crap about Kansas, Nebraska, Colorada or Wyoming.  You fucking idiots.  Every son of a gad damn bitch .... MSNBC you fucking idiots you bastards you deserve to die.  FUCK YOU!  FUCKY every dumb idiot who voted for obama.  Good job you just gave McCainb the election.  Obama has NO experience.  Obama will be destroyed and bring it on.  Mika ... however your stupid name is spelt from Morning Joe you are a complete idiot and need to be destroyed.  You fuckers have given the election to McCain.  North Carolina....Wyoming, Colorada, Alambam, Georgia, Mississippi,  Kansas ... FUCK YOU!
None of these states are in play.  Each of your states means nothing to the general election and Mika is a stupid fucker too.  I blame you .. I wish ...why should I wish?????  You selected an idiot candidate that WILL lose the general election.  Stupid people ... stupid fools that deserve to be treated like fools ... and you elected McCain.....YOU DID IT!  The democrats only can win the election if they can get Ohio and Florida and both go to McCain and 91% of the africian americans and shown  me they are more interested in losing the general elctions than elcting someone who fought for your voting rights in the 60s.
I'll continue to support Clinton.  Cause I DON"T bet on losers!   BUT as a democrat ... I will NOT vote in the general election for Obama a complete inexperienced fool ... ( see I dont vote for a guarenteed loser ) I'll vote for city council man and I'll vote for judges but I'll write her name in.
You dislike my thoughts?  Fuck you ... until they prove true in November.  Then ... I'll view your stupid asses as the same complete fools!  

Only thing for Obama is to pick her as his VP and he won't cause he is too poised to destroy us all and elect McCain.

Thanks to all you stupid assholes you pushed the easiest win for the republicians forward and while you argue now .... suck my dick in November!  You fucked us all ... complete idiots!

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