Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

end of the road jack.

typed to the tune of "Who the hell are you?" - Madison Avenue

Sorry .... but from here on when I dont answer texts from a certain someone ... it IS because I am igoring you.  Just tired and bored with your sorry ass.  Last time we were at the bar together you went home with a younger guy than me ..... who had half as many hairs as I did.  But I ignored that.....and tonight we discussed meeting and you did show up but left with someone else .... which is why .... I HAVE to ignore your nappy ass from here on.  You may not respect me or give any allowance to me .... but if I don't take up for myself then who will?  So ... sorry....if tonight you and I texted to meet at Q and you left with someone else ... your gonna get a surprised response when you message me from here on....cause ..... I dont pander, nor will I settle for antics that I've already seen.  

Your expiration date is past and I'm not asking around anymore if your still good.

I do so well already on my own and with my new found over-confidence I dont need to put up with this shit.  Point being, no offense ... but fuck off grandly.  :-)  Tooddles D!  Wait to see how quick your replaced, welcome to Matt Leffler's world.

And to the next prospect.  =

Matt Leffler has been a tad of a settler lately.  Its over.  Free rides and passes have come to an end.

You see lately I've gotten past the issue of myself, in the past week I;ve walked up to more people and introduced myself more than I have in five years.  You road the coat tales of Brent Jones and he is pretty much nothing but a memory and I've mourned that guy long enough .... see .... I've found my confidence again.  I'm who I was ....back when I liked being me ... and the crappy instances that got time, while I confused our break up with my life ,...... your all about over and I am serving notice.....Matt Leffler is actually back.  Almost guarenteed better than the last time.  

So ... get ready.  Matt has a new mix (friends know what I mean and can agree that it is there) ..... I'm out and I'm dancing, flirting .... and playing my best pool games and my goals have nothing to do with my past.  Step aside I have some stuff to do!

So watch out!  To the next boy I can't control me, just have to accept me and decide if what I feel about you is enough to put up with the next step.  See I have ...

the smile, the social skills, political mind and quick wit.... 
with the full head of hair, straight nose, a stomach that is lower than my adam's apple and blue eyes to match my shirt.

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