Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler


So another the same day. I am reminded that this is one of the view places where anyone can say their thoughts and honestly true to their heart. We live in a world that pushes a hard view on how we should face others....we have to sugar coat our minds thoughts and our actions.
I am guilty of it too. If we cant be true to our minds and beliefs in our own journals in fear to the knowledge and window to our hearts that it opens...we allow ourselves to be lost.
I know that even the people who are close to me I mute my mind...I dull my heart and I act a prescribed way to adhere to the social normals that we operate in.
But why do we keep these journals? In just a moment of truth, a glimpse of real life and the enduring struggles we all face we have the chance to be the person we be the glory of what human existence is.....diverse. So what if my thoughts arent accepted by the masses who read this journal. They are my thoughts. A journal is kept for your own sake. Someday I will reread my journal and relaize this has truely been a heart that is hopeful and a head full of dreams. I'll be abl to see how I felt...which reasons I looked for...and my ongoing struggle for my place in this world. In this world we have view people and things to lean on...but we bring people closer to our wants..needs...and joys by asking....where do we belong? This is the place to build your vision...a place to seek the answers from yourself...cause only you truely will ever know yourself. BUT...this handled correctly will act as a blue print to your heart.
Stand your yourself and follow your dreams. This is each person's destiny to address the same situations in some manner or another and to express their minds objections to the shit in life, and their joy to the nectar of life. Eachof us together have a means to meet people with similar minds, and to support each other. take from a song....
When you feel the sun light fading from the cold light, and all the dreams you are dreaming lose their meaning...let me in your world. All you need is someone you can hold...dont be sad...your not alone...I ( we ) will be here for you. A guiding light..and I will be here for you.
We live in a world of strangers...we seek our shelter...and sometimes we find a shoulder to lean on. To me this is an excellent way to be there. friends...we have the awesome opportunity to be there for a friend. To not pass judgement, not be in compition...but to simply be there for the person we care about.
I am lucky beyond this journal I know I have more people to lean on than the legal in conclusion of my rant...this is the night, and here you can be yourself, and here you will find a glimpse of yourself in another.

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