Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

Open Letter I submitted to the DNC

This is specific to the rules meeting I watched from start to finish.
I have voted in every democratic primary and general election since I was legally able to support this party.  I have donated my money in this election cycle and past election cycles.  I'm sorry but I am totally unhappy with this nominating process.  I feel disenfranchised by my party.  I don't care who voted first.  I'm not from New Hampshire so I guess I'm not a priviledged voter.  I'm not on any of your committees so I have no vote on how you completely in totally poor ways make decisions. 
But with out people like me you can not win elections.  When I vote I have the option to vote straight party but I enjoy selecting each and every democratic nominee on the ballot.
At present I will vote in November because I have never missed an election but I will not be voting for either party for the presidential election.
This rules meeting actually changed my plans.  I had planned to vote for whoever the nominee was, but after watching these proceedings I feel that I have no voice in your process.
Fix the process in the future.  Winner take all, don't give more delegates to certain districts and count each voter.  Ignoring votes because of a rule that only divides us and puts two states above all others is a republician move.
I am very disappointed in our process.  I us "our" very losely.

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