Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

Reached my Fill point

Collin Levine and Shane Timblerlake I just can't take them and their crappy shit anymore.

Collin Levine has no drive, no goals or dreams and pursues simpley continued existence.  I have a fundamental issue with this and can not continue to hang out.  I expect my friends to have a want to be more than what they are and he doesn't.  He is simply Collin.  No interest needed and none given.

Shane Timberlake is a stupid blue collar man who is upset with me because he is laid off from pillsbury and has no other issue to focus on.  I have given him weeks and weeks to get over his bullshit and he just hasn't come to the same idea.  My IDEA : I don't care what shane thinks.  I think he is below me and I will not pander to his sub brain.  I sing on Wednesday not inviting him and he still somehow found his way to the stage.

I only apologize to Michael amd Chris.  One is too young to realize his boyfriend is either a liar or a lazy man.  One is trying to keep the peace, but I LOSE NOTHING by saying .... officially from Matt Leffler to you: FUCK OFF

Make NO mistake .... I have NOT acted like I consider these two stupid assholes as friends.  Yet...they try to insert themselves into my perfect night and seriously need to realize they ignored me first ... and I moved on and I have no place for them now.

I'll be out cause you two are extremely easy to ignore.  Just leave me alone and fuck off. :-)  From me too you.  Get a life and find a reason to live. 

Simply by knowing them I lose.  By moving past them maybe I'll use my REAL job and REAL friends to make something that neither of them could understand.



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