Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

Crazy world and stuck in the middle of them

So in the past couple days I've been annoyed by three groups. All crazy...all different.

Fundamentalist Christians - Finally got around to watching Jesus Camp. WOW ... these kids are going to need a lot of unconditioning behavior therapy to undo the damage and warped views they have been feed. Almost like the YFZ Ranch kids. Blank canvases that wacko adults have corrupted. As a former member of Valley View a multi thousand member church in the Louisville, who went to camps like .. Dawson McAllister in Birmingham I kinda see where this is all headed.

Homeless Beggers - I've gotten the hang of where to stand outside work when I smoke to be able to avoid and evade being asked for change. Since I gained the nack of evasion of them I havent been asked for change in a week! Thats a first for me down here.

Clinton supporters for McCain - Grow up people. I support Clinton but I'm not going to vote McCain. Plus if we make some organized effort against Obama it will be harder for Hillary to run in 2012 cause they'll blame her. Suck it up and wait till 2012.

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