Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

The Money Pit Idea


Ouerbacker House was built in 1868 here in Louisville.  It is slated for demolition if no one buys it by Friday.  Price tag $1 and the city has pledged a $100,000 grant to the restoration of the mansion.  Chris has decided that he wants it and our click of friends should form a non-profit and buy it.  Thank god he is a graduating from law school soon.  He's already talking to his parents and has started to get me into the dream of a sprawling mansion with a carriage house bigger than most people's homes.  I have to admit that the romantic idea of waking up and doing dry wall for a day sounds kinda fun when the end result leaves you with a really cool pad.  
So anyhow we are going to some crazy meeting today at 10 am to check out the situation.  

My take on the whole thing ... it'll take years, work, a lot of people but may be rewarding, fun and ... pessimists are often right but optimists are more often successful

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