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So I created my Launch Radio Station. at User name Horizonmll. Its only 3 bucks a month and I get commercial free music based upon my ratings. Should help me also learn of new music that the computer thinks I'll like. Will take a few hundred songs for me to hear but after that it should be pretty accurate I think?:-)
AXA Advisors has called me 3 times....well the Divisional Vice President. So I am faced with the awesome prospect of becoming a financial advisor...they'll train me and get all my certifications. One thing on my side is I get to tell them that I have a really good job at Gateway that is paying me pretty if they want to continue there dialogue they'll need to beat the Gateway price for my time. :-)
Arty has a job!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! This is good for me too cause I've been on my own wit the bills...and I mean it hasnt slowed down my evenings at the bar...but once we get pay backs I could easily go on a vacation....I have a coupon for 25% my favorite Chicago hotel.....GAWD I LOVE THAT TOWN. I am a midwest kinda boy. West Coast seems to fake, East Coast seems to cold and unpersonal. me is grounded, and still able to reach for the party. :-) I am off work the next two I bedating a mini-trip to Cincy or Nashvegas. Nashville seems to be the easiest exhusband Brandon has been planning on me coming down for sometime. Interestingly enough my first boyfriend 1998-2000 Kevin lives in Cincy. Might be interesting seeing how he has devolped into his life out side of Central City, KY.
My move to fulltime and benefits is 100% complete. One of the parttimers was did he get fulltime? He has ben here the least amount of time. I was just like...well...I dont know. ( maybe its the quarter of a million in sales I have to my name in the short time i have worked there. Heck Feb. I was off for a week and still brought in more revenue than anyone else in computers. AND...this month we have started off well...12,000 thousand dollars in sales so far...I am truely in my element.
So gonna call Tristan today. He has been an absolute phenomenia to hang out with. Sunday we were sitting at this bar and it was obvious to our friends I think that there was a spark of desire. I feel realy comfortable with him, relaxed, and charmed. Charmed is the word. Not over-powered, ignored, or stalked...just under a happy spell. Bedroom habits he is a take charge kind of guy....which I am not used to being...and I must say its not all that bad at all. Put it this way...I felt relaxed enough to be standing in the door way to Steak and Shake in Indiana (hicks....oh so much more than KY) and didnt even think twice to kiss him. awesome it is to be that focused on a moment and forget the world. Enchanted .... yes. So wonder what will go wrong on
SO.....what can go better? Money: you have food and the ability to go out town if you can find the time. JOb: The junior employee is outselling every person there...some who have been there for 6 years! You are getting rewarded for it too. Roommate is stabilizing nicely and the home therefore is a strong foundation being formed. Relationship: You have found a guy whom you dont mind handing over control too...friends: as in every part of my life...remain my hopes and dreams.
And all this is brought on by....just being the person you want to be. No some may know I once had a little problem their...but I relaized that I was moving no where in life. Sure I was feeling fantastic at a party and meeting new people....but it was Tuesday night and the rest of the world was passing me by. I almost feel like in the past year and a half I have made up for the lost time...I have something to take pride in and I have people to rejoice with....and the chemical release in my head is a product of happiness. :-)

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