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Pirates and Thieves at least have some code.

So lately I've been having to discuss with good people why other people aren't good to them.  I explain to some that no one can make you feel good or bad with out your permission.   Deceit or a failed demonstration of loyalty in itself is not grounds for recourse.  We all make mistakes but .... when a habit of this is realized, you make a choice to allow yourself to be mistreated.  
Its stupid to grant someone the opportunity to mistreat you when they have accomplished a pattern of that and you can look at others and recognize the same lack of moral code.   
In my situation I have been seeking a policy of "Group Continuity" not recognizing that this is very much akin to Nevil Chamberlain's appeasement.  For instance I'd dare say that key corner stones of that group that I am trying to help "continue" are themselves very unhappy people who gain relief from their hells by helping to exact pressure on yet others in the group to continue to attack even when the battles have long past.
One of my friends seems set on walking into this gaggle of fools to prove he is worthy.  Its really very different from the way I see things.  As I told one of the people in the gaggle once; I don't make a habit out of allowing people to shun me.  Especially when I feel I can easily be at peace with myself when considering the quality of friendship I've offered in the past.  
One of my "friends" claims he is tired of arguing with people about how he isn't charming and charismatic ... :-)  That's like Donald Trump talking about how fabulous he is and thinking he isn't arrogant and perceived ugly for that.  I don't think charming and charismatic people are blogging about the 5 guys they are involved with and how they've stopped sleeping with people they care about.  
But it is the loyalty issue that gets at me.  For instance when person A crossed the line with one of his friend's boyfriend's (no not this past time, I mean two months ago with the other couple) he was shunned by the principle rabble rouser of the group who influenced others to do the same ... I stood by him.   But for whatever unforeseen reason that loyalty didn't rub off.  
So when I got a text message from my shunned friend (there are multiple people that seem to have lost favor with "The Sisters") and he was upset that he was never invited two their second party in two weeks when he was just three weeks ago sleeping with the Charming and Charismatic guy I had to respond .... you'd want to be around them?  Heck I got the wonderful personal invite to this event by a mass email and a mass text message ... I gave each my reply.  None.
I may be hard on those I feel have wrongly crossed me ... but people take some pride in yourself and recognize when bad people do bad things it is your decision if your going to allow yourself to be around.  Some people are just unhappy with their lives and seek to bring others down...don't think you can be their savior.  Good luck guys ... and avoid the negative.  Fear evil, but a worse evil is the indifferene of good men.  Remember we create our own environments.

 In other news ... 

So I got tickets to Roarchestra through my Fund for the Arts membership.  I think it will be a cute break into a glimpse of life.  I saw a guy out last wednesday night that I swear I thought looked just like Brad Pitt and ... very cool ... I got the chance to make out with him Monday night.  Annoyingly I was too busy too get his number.  lol.  oh well.  

Been here at work 7 nights out of the past 9 ... of which I've been the only one listing over and over again to callers who can't remember their passwords or can't follow my simple directions.  I have to say that when the last user told me she had restarted her computer in 5 seconds I called her out and said it takes longer than that.  (My tone was saying ... either you can't restart a PC or your a liar. Either way your testing my patience.)  I watched August Rush last week ... it was really good.  I couldn't get 5 minutes into Cloverfield it sucked beyond belief too me.

I've got my wonderful cats back.  Ended up paying $370 in vet bills this week.  It's slightly annoying that the people who took them didn't seem to keep up with basic care.

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