Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

55:01 Kevin Baker

Kevin Baker

1st in the line of 7 ex Ms. Lefflers

 It was August 20 1998 I met him.  I remember the day cause it was my 20th birthday.  I sat behind the cutest boy in class.  We had 4 of 4 class together but he wasn't sure of our destiny.  I kept telling him we should date and keep saying he was straight.  But I could see in his hungry eyes that this boy wasn't looking for a woman.
After turning me down for months he called me in my dorm room and asked me what I was doing.  I was sleeping of course, it was like 1 am after all.  He said ... well I am not doing anything and if I cant get a hold of this other friend we should watch a movie.  WOW...cute....the love....he calls me to say I am still his second choice.  So I went back to bed.  And 30 minutes later he was in the lobby of my dorm and I sprund to my feet and got dressed.  Our first movie was Fargo.  I found it weird that as people were being described being killed in a wood chipper me and am him were leaning closer and closer to each other in my bed.  We started out with him in short hair and flannel, and me in a bad dye job.  AWWW to be twenty again.  I woke up the next morning alone cause he went to class and I skipped it as I usually did...I wondered...would I see him agian and then I found his watch on my floor.  That damn watch.
Two years later I was the president of the gay club at WKU ....(60 members strong)  mostly cause I was trying to show him it was okay to be what you were.  And ... I Believe came on the radio and he leaned over and said this should be our song.  I was ticked.  How stupid..." I really don't think your strong enough?" .... how he was pushing aside something that could have built arond us into being the power gay couple of the world.   Those first love's when done right can be forever and ...more than the next love...the one's that stay together.  My grandparent's loved him and my parent's accepted him.   Side note his parent's did tell me they would kill me if they ever saw me in his county again.   Course they were so cool they played NASCAR monopoly when I meet them after I made jocks to Kevin that meeting these people from the sticks...I expected meeting some redneck NASCAR people and he said not everyone was into NASCAR.  Should have seen the look I gave him when I was introduced.
It was my first love.  The one and only I sat back seat for and pretended we didn't date in front of others and the only one I had my BF cheat on me with a girl who I was friends with.  It ended and within a week came my 3 year relationship with Brandon, but thats the next chapter.


I picked this picture because of our experience at Buzzard's Ballyard.  Only people from his area seem to know what it is.

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