Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

I'm an odd creature

So I have been rushing all night to get things the way I want them .... many extremely intracule details that no one else will notice .... but to me they had to be done.  Reminds me of how I forced everyone years ago to go out and get a "family" picture cause in my mind ... happy people take family pictures.  lol.   Trouble is I get so worked up over these things I start yelling and kicking the door for instance.  It has too much gusto in trying to close on me and then the cats keep trying to leave if I crack the front door as I carry in multiple trips of goods and I have a friend coming over then another and then we are going here and here and he is late and it was moved back 2 hours and now I am boarderline psycho.  I think anyone who really knows me knows I am a Martha Stewart / Bree Hodge I have this picture perfect expoectation and when things go wrong I can snap and instead of trimming the fresh cut flowers I could go on a killing spree with my scissors.  Just as quick as it hits I snap back into ... do you want anything to drink?  lol   Sorry ..... Its just how I am.

In order to calm myself down cause I have gotten myself all up into a tissy ... I am drinking my favorite red wine Marques De Rasque and listen to Peter Cetera.  lol.  If only people knew that all that is standing between them and certain Mutual Assured Destruction is the 80s and a bottle.


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