Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler


sorry I dont have time to explain but if the title " And that is all folks" fits you ... believe these words ....       fuck off.   Welcome to the cold world of Matt Leffler's last year. 

If I called you and missed you ... or more importantly .... if you said you were coming over in my issue of need .... and obviously didnt .... you not only taught me that my "friends" suck ... but you taught me not to ever rely on you.   Christopher Lee Coffman who is stupid looking and ignorant when he talks ... fuck off.   Justin Lindee ... get a job ... and find your own life.  mine is full. 

What was cute was how Justin is still after sim-ugly and stupid looking ( yes we discussed this in bed) he is still after chris.  which would explain why chris isnt here even after I told him I needed a friend.  Further it explains a lot.  And NOW I WILL RESPOND

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