Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler


sex without love ... 

I just cant see it possible.  Sure ... one holds that love and another enjoys the act.  But as long as each party knows one is doing it out of the four letter word and the other is doing it out of just the action ... then ... it is fair game.  FULL DISCLOSURE.

When we have to lie to another person to get them in our bed ... then we are a sad little shit aren't we.  Hasn't happened to me ... I'd dare say it has never happened to me.  I've never walked into something and not known the scenario.  But I have to say ... I can't be friends with someone who seems to thrive on it.

It cheapens everything I hold true and every reason why I still seek love.  I know He and him doesnt mean me.  But each time it goes forward and the one I want wished he were him.  I resent and I feel cheapened and wish HE had the same dedication I do for love.  Which he obviously finds as nothing more than folly.  And I have no quarrel with He directly other than he makes my thoughts and my mind set seem antiquated and irrelevant.

To a more important person than he ... I told the one who wishes he were him I apologize that ever so often I forget my place and become selfish and with I were He.


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