Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

stupid people buy stupid things

Some I'm sitting ... unable to sleep (again today ... thats like only 7 hours of sleep in three days but I am totally up ... course my eyes look like shit) anyhow ... watching some stupid conspiracy theory show about UFOs and I am arguing out loud with how stupid these UFO believers are .... "science deals with concrete standards and sometimes UFOs don't fit into these" ... right ... like the earth being the center of the universe doesn't fit in it either.  And then a commercial ......

from National Collector's Mint you can now buy this 9/11 actual 20 dollar bill at face value.  I'm sitting there thinking .... another dumb 9/11 trinkit that doesn't do anything but profit one small unaffected group of investors.  And then I notice "legal tender Liberia" and I am like ...... oh great .... its a liberian 20 dollar bill for 20 dollars US.  :-)  

According to the current exchange rate 20 liberian dollars =       .31 US dollars.  :-)  So for 20 bucks I'll give you something worth 1 quarter, 1 nickle and a penny.  :-)   Limit 5 per household.  lol.

Stupid people buy stupid things.


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