Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

So this and that ...

I had a throw down bloody fight Friday night.  But ... I have to say it was an honorable one and I make no apologizes and point towards my self deification, supported by Zeus obviously.  Anyhow later about my god like qualities but the fight .... so CHAD (he keeps asking if his going to find himself in here) anyhow Chad (there's two for you) brought his usual gaggle of friends over friday after the including some guy named Justin.  (Not Lindee he was already there) anyhow ... apparently this new Justin grabbed Seth in an aggressive way tearing his shirt and then grabbed Justin Lindee (two ees I know) and Justin said he had to push him off him.  Then the guy grabs at me and I thought he was playing taking him down to the ground but jumped up when I saw he was bleeding.  Then I heard how he had already had those other two altercations and pulled him off to the side to discuss how we really needed not be doing this ... and just as I am in the sentence about our astrological signs .... Leo (me) and Taurus (he) he lunges for me and I have to subdue him again in my room with the sound pretty much alerting others not as was going well with my discussion.  I actually ended up losing both of my contacts during this scuffle.  But I let him up and we come out of the room and I think he is finally got the idea that this behavior is not really allowed and I will really stand up to him.  Justin gets bad Justin a cup of ice water and after the guy drinks some he punches Lindee in the throat throwing him back into a door that hits a lamp with the flash of a bulb.  I think it took me all of 5 or 7 seconds to be on top of bad Justin pressing my wrist into his throat and slamming his head on the floor telling him he isn't going to get away with that.  This is the first time I think I responded with more than defensive force or subdueing ... I was getting pretty ticked. His friend puts an appeal into me to release bad justin and I say but he is going to hit me or someone else again and then its over.  I release him and since I am still on the floor he is able to kick me in the head.  I turn around facing him and bust his nose with a closed fist.  Stand up ... literally drag him to the door leaving a trail of blood ... open the door and hit him in the head with it....drag him out the door and come back was over at this point for all intensive purposes.  i did have to go outside one more time and tell him to be quiet cause he'd get the cops called on us ... he charges at me outside and I am trying to unlock the door to get back in to avoid making more noise but he gets there too quick so I had to grab his arm behind him and shove him to the brick wall explaining I'm not here to fight him but he has to leave cause if the police come we will both be arrested and if that happens I'll be forced to kill him in jail.  His friend didnt seem to want to leave but i did inform him he needed to go or he'd leave the same way as his friend.  Fun thing .... after washing the blood off my face and clothes and even noticing more at Denny's in the bathroom, came to the satisfying knowledge that none of it was mine.  He was out of control and I just put him in place.  A good fight is when you stop it several times and each time the other is the aggressor and each time the aggressor loses and you feel that your defending your friends and your house.

So ... bam.  Three snaps to myself.  

Going to Chicago this weekend for my offical escape and annual birthday trip.  Looking forward to it.  

Also got my student loan stuff all fixed and have now been in contact with my dept head at WKU about my major and return to WKU.  So looks like I'll get these 60 hours I need out of the way to finish my BS in CIT ... annoyingly I have like 30 hours of journalism which will just end up going towards electives ... and what of my already electives???  they just become more  Point I guess is I'm going to graduate with more than the typical 128 hours ... maybe I can pull BA in english or something out of it.

i think I have the perfect storm of medicine, actions, self progression, friends and mindset that keep pushing me to some confidence levels that are high even for me.  :-)  justin and I were walking buying groceries and I just had to answer the phone with " GO!" i think thats going to be my new answering style.  lol.  So if I were a greek god I think I'd probably have to be Ate god of foolishness or Nemisis "to give what is due."

So with my continuingly empowering mind set of actions I think its time

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