Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

Chris Coffman

 Lets say I am a stupid person who sits infront of Matt Leffler and argues horribly and only has shock value.  Like say I say the earth is round he'd be the idiot who argues its flat with horrible evidence and a completely stupid arguements full of nothing factual and complete arrogance.  He'd be the idiot who thought he would be trusted with the cities property.  Course they basically laughed in his obviously ignorant face.  Just ask him .... he really tried to get city property for nothing.  Fool.
The worst thing I ever did was think he was interested in a former fuck buddy to him.  A guy who he told me "Oh you dont like justin?  Then I dont have to hang out with him anymore, right?"  I asked my "best friend" please don't sleep with the guy you treated like a whore... who I like...he agreed with saying he wasnt interested.
I told several other people "I can't be friends with Chris Coffman because he IS a whore and I cant be friends wtih someone I cant respect."  and I cant respect him as I have seen time and time again.  He has no loyalty to friends and is a sexual addict.  He doesn't masturbate .... thus he will fuck anyone, no matter who your friend or his.  VIAGRA.  I told him, dont fuck with your fucking.  Course he is still taking Viagra.  And letting Curt lay on his hard penis (viagra) and texting you help me ...when he could just get up.  He cant get a job at a law firm even though he wants to make his own law firm when he graduates in a year.   Just another example of the ignorance and over confidence for a guy who is ugly in both physical form and personality.  Heck .... ask Miguel Perez.
WHY am I pissed?

Ask Chris why he is   .... cheating on his boyfriend (Randy) whom he clams is nothing to him ... yet when randy is around he admitts he agrred to a managamous relationship and makes you lie to Randy to make it fit ... who he lies too .... uses people for sexual folley (Brandon Harwood will you cuddle with me tonight? ... Miguel will you sleep with me tonight?  Michael Martin ... I have no care for you at all, but since your so stupid lets sleep together again tonight and I'll ignore you tomorrow. ) and is such a bastard ... he texts a boy you like at your house after you asked him not to try to fuck him.  

Saturday I was having fun with friends.  Chris Coffman sent me a message "Need You" ask anyone who was around me .... I dropped everything and left the bar with him.  Even left Selena who is sitting here with me and wanted me to add this ....  Chris Coffman is ... a guy who is normally having bareback sex and lieing about it with multiple people and not telling anyone person.  And on my birthday while "him" (is the guy I like) as at my house with me and Derrick and Selena he still tries to invite him over.

Chris Coffman is a fool.  He may become a lawyer but thats only because he shows up at class which is apparently the only requirement for a law degree at UL ... is a a stupid arguer ... and will die alone.  Matt Leffler shouldnt give a shit about Chris Coffman ... just as I didnt for the first several years I knew him .... but I think its time I point out ... that ignorant, self absorded people should stay away from me.  This is for all the Chris Coffmans in the world .... fuck off.  I'm actaully looking for true LOYAL friends.   Beware country folk like Chris ... I actually have a real education.

Hows that for another "Matt abuse"  bastard....try to turn the tables....your blogs make me want to give you a fucking razor.


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