Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler


Wow ... I say Hillary is the best one and I get Obama.  I say Evan bayh brings the 11 indiana electoral votes, adds the govenor title and is a former clinton person so can help heal the rift and ...... I get Biden?


Your serious?  Your telling me that Obama's picking:

A guy who got the support of 4% of the Iowa Caucus and dropped out?  The guy who came in 5th in the only race he was contesting and only raised 9.9 million dollars???  ?  I guess that demonstrates his electability??

A guy who is six years younger than McCain so 1. we cant make jokes about McCain and 2. We have no chance at our parties VP candidate running for President IF Obama were to serve for two terms?  Hell ... IF Obama got 1 term Biden would be 70 in 2012 making it almost certain Obama would have to pick someone else.  

A guy who really represents that change motto right?  He's been in Washington to have met Nixon BEFORE he resigned.  That shows a real "change" theme.

A guy who can help heal the rift your having with Hillary supporters??  No I dont think so ... and to ignore this just further pisses off Hillary people cause apparently Obama doesn't think we matter.

A guy who brings Delaware's 3 electoral votes.  Ummm ..... Delaware is always Democratic and three votes are nothing.  

So in conclusion:

We have a loser Washington insider who will be 70 before the next term. 
But oh well.  Hillary Bayh 2012.  


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