Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

And here it all goes down again...


Tell me this isn't going to catch the attention of Hillary voters?  Why are they important?  They make up 50.1% of the votes for the primaries.  

Lets look at the latest electoral map from (since we are smart enough not to follow junk like CNN's Poll of Polls which doesn't take into account that Obama winning 100% of New York and losing Texas at 49% actually means 31 Obama 34 McCain)

(Sorry for the crappy image quality)
Anyhow .... if Obama were to win he'd be the first president to lose Ohio, Florida and Texas in the modern electoral map.   269 electoral votes .... hmmmmmm .... thats not winning.  The only difference in this map from the Bush / Gore race is we switched Nevada and New Hampshire.  But barely.  
Another thing to take into account.  Our states are losing electoral votes to red states.  Florida is up 2, Texas gained 2, Arizona gained 2. New York, Pennsylvania, Illionis all lost votes.  
Virginia .... thirteen votes considered a draw right now.  The last democrat to carry Virginia was Lyndon Johnson in 1964 and honestly it was probably out of sympathy for Kennedy's assassination.  Heck before that you have to go back to Harry Truman before you find VA voting blue.  So ... who are they kidding???  What idiot is calling this a swing state?  In 64 years this state has gone blue twice.

Obama's falling down and he picks Joe Biden from Delaware to save him?  

Annoying!  Totally annoying.  I believe in my party's ideas but my party is really ... really ... stupid!!!  We'd rather ignore any intelligent strategy of winning and appealing to the country and instead put the most liberal senator and the third most liberal senator both from strong typical blue states and run them.  

Lets also look at this .... I know it is just garbled data but notice where the title senator usually is on the ticket.  The American electorate do not view senators as presidents.

Governor Bush with Cheney
Governor Clinton with Senator Gore
Vice President Bush with Senator Quayle
Governor Reagan with CIA Director Bush
Governor Carter with Senator Mondale
Vice President Nixon with Governor Agnew
Vice President Johnson with Senator Humphrey
Senator Kennedy with then Senator Johnson 1960 was the last time a Senator match was made for both ends of the ticket.  

The ODD thing is that we have the republicians nominating a Senator.  BUT .... I feel safe to say McCain's running mate will have been a governor.

And now ... McCain is going to further exploit the Hillary factor which Obama and his followers continue to ignore.

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