Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

Tropical Depression Ike ???

So this has two general points. One ... I find that a storm that hit Texas as a Cat 3 Hurricance is causing a lot of issues in Louisville really interesting and telling of the power of mother nature.

Thats 60 mile to hour gusts .... yikes.  I awoke to the double windows in my living room having opened and slamming in the wind.  My cable went out just after I turned on the weather channel and the power flickered a few times.  Branches branches and more branches are around Old Louisville.  I had to go 8 blocks before a stop light worked on my way to work.  The power was out to much of what I passed and the only gas station that was open had a line.  :-)  What a tizzy my city gets in over stuff.  At a press conference : 
"Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson said downed trees and power lines have blocked about 133 roads. Power was also knocked out to at least 100 schools, so JCPS officials decided to cancel classes on Monday. Catcholic schools will also be closed, as well as the DePaul School...Chris Herman with LG&E says this is the worst damage he has seen in his 30 years as an LG&E employee - with over 60 percent of LG&E customers without power. He warned residents that power could be out for days."
Actually it is pretty bad compared to a localized tornado we get here often.  I drove into work and noticed the back siding from our building was in the park across the street.  I joked with the head of security down here who was just gazing up "  All that needs is a little DEP and some paint.  Fix it right up."
So yeah ... there is a lot more damage than we are used to in this area.  And Ike is an awesome storm to be a tropic depression in Kentucky.  But I don't really get the run on the open stores that I've seen .... or why people are calling the Help Desk here at Norton asking me if they have to report to work tomorrow due to power issues.  My response .... this isn't school, this is a hospital company ... we have generators.  ( But no A/C at the moment ... power surge got it)
Interestingly it seems that the storm had its winds on the east and south and the rain in the west and north.  Cause on the flip side from Louisville...Chicago got 6 inches of rain.  Its like Ike was perfectly aimed to hit some population centers that arent used to its forces.


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