Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

Fuck off ... No one can buy me

So in my cute stage of 23 .... people offered money. Back then I decided, no one can give me enough for my body. Sure stupid boys can sellm themselves for less....but obviously they are whores and they have a market value for their bodies. FYI I've been offered 300 to 5000 for myself ... and no one has found the price for me.
I know some of my friends have done this for less. And ... I just have to poijnt out, they have less belief in themselves therefore they are ... worth less. My cab driver just told me if I would suck his dick I'd owe him nothing. But ... you see ... I'm NOT TRASHY. I gave him a twenty for the 16 tab ... I'd rather sit at home alone than be party to putting a price on myself. And ... I want to voice ... that some of my exes still can put a price on themselves ... while I think they are cuter or yournger they obviously arent worth what I can earn in 2 days.


My point ... if you have as some of my exes have .... set a price for yourself .... I am worth so much than you. Age, job, ability .... it doesnt matter at this point ... we all know what your worth. And it makes me sick. Stupid boy .... so so stupid boy. Sell yourself .... no one knows but me, and I know I cost more than you. Thats why we will never get back together ... I dont date boys who know how cheap they are.


So lets explain...

this is to the guys around me who know ... I know ... you've sold youself. Not as obvious as Thomas Carrier ... a guy I found back when he was in high school .. before he sold everything about himself in an attempt to pass individual progress, rather he sought to build his life off of Jim ... you know ... trailer selling jim. Who gives a fuck if Thomas is mad at me at what I have to say ..... someone realize .... yes even the stupid little you .... Thomas has bought so many houses .. and they have all been taken back from him. Maybe not all ... but one by one ... it is all because Thomas has built his life not upon his ideas or his work .... but on others whom his seed money was his boyfriend ... end result. Your a fool.

Compare. You go after some old man and seek to build a life and a fortune ....

Or ... you wanted the biggest gift .... you werent a complete idiot as most south end boys are ... you realized .... love, companship is the most iportant. Or we point out .... thomas came from PRP which IS considered white trash in louisville ... but rather than build a factual were all about creating a facade.


Your a fool. Thomas Carrier is the bigger loser, he used old men longer than his ass could pay. I'd like to think he was tryng to be me .... back when me .. and brandon could hold court ... and we feel apart .... he decided to be the cool one ... with no education and no experience and wait till the bank took his homes on eastern parkway .... and he moves into his place by bowman field .... hello ... kent road .... but he didnt take the job he was educated for .... he skipped the job at kroger as a bagger .... and all the time I want to point out that he is just a guy who has lost and has made stupid decisions and I'd stand by him if he ever treid to hold a real job .... but ..... I get to see ...these .... this .... escalating stupid ...... boys ....... who continue to miss at what they could be. Thomas has hurt louisville's ability at having successfull gay young adults. This has breeded nothing more than nelly boys seeking someone else to pay for them .... just look at the role model.

Sorry .... Thomas. You were cute. I'd have been happy to build something else with you .... but you bite your tounge and avoid conflct and .... you have nothing now. Its almost like you did cystral meth for years.

But back about me .... to the guy I talked too .... I pointed out so much too ..... I want you. I've wanted you for years. Is the guy I am talking about you?

I just want to add ... I've never dated anyone worth seeing it through ... be they as cute as they are .... they all ended up being immature. I've never dated a guy who wanted to make the way through problems ... they all have just ran in issues ... and I've been the one ... always holding on. No wonder I've been single for two years ... I cant take anymore of the guys I've dated. All ... All ... I mean ... All ... each and everyone ... has failed me ..... I am saying ... EVERY PERSON I HAVE DATED IN MY LIFE HAS BEEN EITHER A WHORE OR A FOOL. Let them argue the point as they want .... but no one ..... none of them .... has been more devoted than I was and none of them deserves anything like what they had.
And thats why you'll notice .... in 10 years ... I've never got back together with an ex.

I have to say .... with the exception of Brent Jones .... none of you ....... should feel safe. Before BJ .... After Date .... AD BJ ...... I havent felt anything the same .... I'm getting older and I'm getting to the point ... where ....

people whoes names start with J .....

Are complete fools.

Catch this:

We are a product of what has come before...and obviously what was before sucked.

I mean lets face it ... if we have snuggled together ... you really are nothing to my future. I've been a foul for paying to much attention to last time .... I have been an idiot for pursueing the same kind of guy ...

If your an ex boyfriend ... or an ex love .... you really need to know ... Matt Leffler is combatent against you now. I need none of you.....none of you, your lesons are learned ... there is no reason for you ... and all of you are just an example of a FAILURE i my life. Keeping with my last posting ...... its time for an awakening. I've wasted too much time. I need someone else ... I need somewhere else ... I need and I will keep and be loyal to nothing I know at this point. I'm sorry but ... Matt Leffler is ready to ignore anyone and everyone to find that one. I am ready to leave whatever job ... I am ready to leave whatever place ... I am ready to leave you all to a less than exciting life to leave you for one.


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