Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

55:22 Monday messes with Tuesday

So Monday came I was pretty proud of myself for staying in on Sunday and entertaining myself around the house. Of course I got no house chores done but I did play around on my stupid airline game and worked to personalize my profile. I kinda like dlist its more gay than myspace yet not as trashy as or manhunt. I found myself driving around about 3 am and a song I've heard a thousand times before really got my singing in my car so I of course downloaded it and fully expect my friends to hate it in a matter of days. Coldplay - Viva la vida. I dont know I just kinda feel it fits my overly nostalgic few of my twenties ... not that I dont look forward to these 30s but, I had a pretty good run that last decade.

Got up kinda early for me at 4pm and began to occupy myself I suppose still feeling the chemicals released in my brain from the erotic sex from my saturday night out.  :-)  Dancing with parody around the house I finally collected papers around the house and resolved myself to avoid the bar scene last night.  Couple friends went to Mia's and I could have gone but ... stayed in.  Ended up having a couple friends over and we sat around playing music and drinking beer ... talking about politics and movies which I must admitt I am better at the first topic.  We shut down about 6:30am one went home and another landed on the futton which is setup for the purpose of fall out victims.

Up now and its Tuesday I am looking forward to hitting Q for the night kinda interested in if this guy I totally embarrassed myself with last week ( I was drunk and for like 30 minutes straight I told him how cute he was and how I've had a crush on him for about a year )  It seemed to get some attention cause I did get some tounge out of that ... I joked with another friend that he probably did it to shut me up cause I was rambling in a group of people ... but it is really "romantic" or hot to be talking in a group and mid sentence the guy you've been too reserved to hit on slips you the tounge. 

I remember it became like slow motion I was totally surprised and totally into the moment ... the bar and the people in the circle leave all thought.   As he pulled back and my eyes opened with my mouth still slightly open tasting the rush.... not a clue what witty banter I had been preparing to level on the group.  I think I was silent for like six seconds which is amazing ... he leaned in again my eyes close, kiss for like 5 seconds (just enough to totally catch all my attention but quick enough to be classy)... I stay silent ... I think I lean in, he meets half way and the third kiss.  :-)  lol .... kinda felt like I was taken back to my teenage years right about then.  I'm not overly insane about that guy, I mean I know how I describe the feelings it sounds like I'm ready to marry him but really I am just really pleased with the seemingly sudden innocence, spontaneousness and calming effect.  It just seemed like I hadn't experienced that .... passion.  I need to get that damn number and try hanging out with him out of the bar ... would at least demonstrate that I dont shake when I am sober.  Only seeing people at the bar kinda levels this wonder if they have any life outside it, thus leaving me to prove that I do know where a theater is and I can be interesting without a raspberry vodka ginger ale in my hand.  ( BTW go to Fusion and order a "double tall absolute raspberry seven up"  Its served in a pint glass and is basically half and half.  Costs like 13 bucks, but ... it works better than 4 five dollar drinks.

Got a sweet text ... not sure who it was, I seem to hand out my number and not get theirs programed in my phone.  "You looked really hot last night, it was good seeing you."  :-)  Sorry ... I'm a Leo and a glutton for compliments.

Got my lease renewal in the mail ... wow ... been a year here.  Thank god I like my apartment.

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