Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

you suck ...

Lets say you've been a piss poor friend too me and you break up with a beatiful guy that I am prepared at loseing cost with you to see.  Noting you all broke up 6 weeks ago. 

---   You suggesting I have STDS by text message is completely stupid.  So easily combated ... I mean ... you and I both know I have nothing.  All I have to do is get tested in front of him and I do two things.  1.  Demonstrate my availability.  2.  Continue to show YOUR undieing ability to try to manipulate people and draw attention from something that could be good for the other two.

Thanks asshole.  Bring it.  Throw completely stupid and irrational arguements at me.

Just don't ask why I don't talk well of you anymore.

Self serving methods usually end with you serving yourself and no one else caring.  Matt Leffler doesn't do the crap you pulled tonight, and ... if anyone else wants to know who I am talking about, just ask me.  And I'll point out and tell you, the last of the "sisters" to totally go evil on me.  Chris Coffman, Shane Timberlake, Collin Levin ...... never did anything to any of you to deserve how you treat me and I dont care.  Your all sorry assholes who obviously can't be happy and can't let others be happy.

So it be war upon us.  My way of fighting is to enjoy myself and to ignore you all.

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