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So yeah I have been talking to Micheal a lot here in the past couple weeks.  We've decided we are exclusive ... which is a first for me post Brent two and a half years ago.  He has hung out with my friends and they all seem to like him and approve, I've hung out with his friends and they are seem to be fine with me.  We went to his friends party saturday night and got to crash in the spare bedroom.  I liked it cause it demonstrated that I want to respect his friends and that I don't have to be at a bar to have fun with him.  The kisses are pretty damn good, he looks great naked ... has a job and car and some plan in life, funny ... sweet, attentive ... its shaping up to be a massively strong match for me.  Unlike the previous guys of the past couple years it doesn't feel like the other guy is just passing time with me till someone else comes along.
Only annoyance is that I've known him for 9 months and of that time 7 1/2 he was dating an "old" friend.  Old as in we dont hangout together anymore and his close friends are the closest thing I have to enemies.  Collin, Shane and Chris have already tried to stir doubt with Michael about me ... I'm parading him around according to one .... even though I was so careful to be respectful of the old relationship that at one point Micheal asked if I was ashamed of him.  (obviously completely not, just trying to temper any drama to avoid making him think we'd have drama.) They've told him that I get physical and hit people ... I pointed out that he'd seen me over 8 months and how many times had that happened and that Derrick is an ex and I don't think he'd say there is a physical violence issue.  They suggested I had stds and I went through the long list of negative tests and who my doctor was and when I had gotten those results.  Then I also pointed out to him that the first 5 months of this year I didnt have sex with anyone.  Point I guess here ... they are working to create division, luckily I think I can satisfy any questions they raise and I pointed out he needed to consider the source and that all I ask is that he judge me on my actions and not what the guy he broke up with has to say.  He seems to be doing this really well at this point.  I mean ... we have been together a lot these past couple weeks and I'd say the passion, conversation and activities have been stellar and an example of over performance.
But then like I dont want my myspace to say "single" if we are exclusive.  Cause I figure those assholes will point that out to him.  So I changed it to "in a relationship" which I kinda expect those assholes to now claim I am parading him around again.  Nothing I do is going to satisfy them not even parting ways with him...they simply dont want to see two people they know make each other happy unless they are getting something out of it.  I feel like I have to blog this friends only to avoid their critical eyes.  But I also have the pressure of showing that I dont think I or Mike are doing anything wrong.
Luckily the experience of sitting next to him, kissing him, talking to other people standing next to him ... I've already enjoyed sitting next to him at a bar and someone walking up to him and asking him out on a date and him saying he was dating me.  .... all these things completely eclipse any revenge plans of the three guys I am calling "the sisters." 

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