Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

Pruning Chris, Collin, Shane ... all boring and sad.

So I have a few people I dont know and dont hear from and I think it is totally time to prune them from my "friend" list on here. I mean ... I say friends only that means ... honestly I expect only 30 very tacet friends who can read my thoughts. So .... if I havent met you before, If we havent chatted before ... I'll tell you, I see a boy I want and when I say friends I need to make sure hey are friends. So .... its pruning time. There are complete assholes who have pretty much nothing working in their lives who may be in my friend group who have proven they will do there all to stop any happiness (see my last post) in order to bring me and the guy I like back DOWN into their obvious boring and unfullfulling life. So ... I'm pruning.

I have a great job. I have great friends. I have a great guy to desire and be exclusive with ... which some call a boyfriend. And I suspect some on my friend list are nothing more than unhappy nappy bastards who have proven time and again they dont care how I treat them .... they care how another person feels about me, simply demonstrating there love of high school drama.

So ... If I cut you off my list .... 1. sorry, I just dont recognize your name and I have too much riding on my honest thoughts to allow people like Collin Levine, Shane Timberlake and the always evil disgusting worst person I have been friends with ... Christopher Lee Coffman to know anything in my life. If I am paranoid then they will never know this ... if I am not ... I have to say ... judge me on how I have treated you, and I WILL TREAT YOU HOW YOU HAVE TREATED ME. It isn't good to talk about the less fortunate ... but I want them to know, I never look in on you. I never ask about you. I dont care about you EXCEPT .... you three sorry bastards keep checking on me, and I hope with this statemant you'll realize to focus on your own nappy lives and I'll be happy to ignore you too and we can just act like I never invested in poor friendships.
I challenge them to find me asking about them, I just avoid you cause your hell bent as you have always been on other peoples sadness ... and I am so much more happy than you ... thus your focused on me and need some hobby to channel your boring lives. Not friend protected cause this is all I can say to you. I hear what you say ... and all I have to say is point out the source .... boring idiots who have histories of lies and histories of self serving existence.

I am not going to acknowledge ever knowing you three. Be a man, and follow suit. Its better than your daily pathetic interest in me and who I am happy with ... its better than you telling the crappy lies, its better than you living. I'm a nice guy and who do I turn my back on? Watch and it is your completely boring .... lieing .... sorry asses. Come after me with rumors .... but this is the last I will speak of you. For me to talk of you again is to lower myself ... and YOU know ... I am better than you thats why you play your shitty games. Sorry ... but I have everything right now, and I cant wait or spend time from here ... on your petty high school asses.

I have Michael who is so much to me, I have Derrick to talk too ... I have Greg to rely on ... I have Selena to protect me .... and I only lower myself to talk of you. Yes I know ... this posting is an example of me lowering myself ... but ... maybe if you read this you'll see your totally insugnificant and not with me ... but your future friends you'll find what i have ... loyalty and love. I look at you and petty you.

I have the job none of you have. I have the boy none of you have. I have the friends none of you have ... you can't take anything from me so grow up. As long as I can kiss Michael, hangout with Derrick, Selena and Greg .... and I have a good job with a cute apartment .... what else could I need? I know your trying to attack aspects of it ... but thats just cause you haven't got the perfect world I am in ... grow up. If 6th graders are doing the samething as know what level of maturity your on. I wont discuss you crappy three from here ... either slit your wrist as you should, or take note and try to grow. :-) I know I've already made another mistake in this entry by paying any attention to you ... no one else does.

I have everything, and I hope the same for all my friends! Its bliss ... and everyone around me is part of the Joy I have right now.

So many have no respect for themselves and no idea that most likely the sun will come up tomorrow and ... while your upset now, there is so much waiting for you. Enjoy the music and wait.


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