Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler


So I am making dinner now.

I am going to try out for a reality TV show. Its perfect for me. The winner gets 200K and the losers get 500 bucks a not too bad. It will be on little limited audience...but who cares. More of an audience than the Matt Leffler show gets now.:-)

I am thinking of buying some more computer items. I need some awesome speakers for my desktop...the notebook stole the good ones. And wireless cards for the desktops. Do I need a digital camera? I mean I fell left out around my roommate and his multiple him pics of soft porn. :-) We may need to raise the bar.

I have a date with tristan tomorrow. :-) No idea where we are going...but that isnt the point. we could go to the post office and i think we'd have a good time.

Off sunday...cant wait. Oh is a link for you all

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