Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

GOP ... wow, thanks for the memories!

Special dedication to our GOP leaders, pictures and commentary. 
"Kiss today goodbye and point me toward tomorrow!"

So I know I ranted and raved that i was so worried about the election going to McCain just a few months ago but I have to point out I was basing my views on Ohio and Florida. Well ... if we keep to my original arguements .... woohoo .... 80% chance of Obama in the whitehouse as he is favored in those elections. Whats more ... here are electoral projections from a wide variety of sites: - 375 Obama - 351.2 Obama - 375 Obama - 277 Obama (87 Tossups) - 286 Obama (89 Tossups) - has an interactive map but you enter the values .... how funny! Allows denial to reign for the GOP.

Latest polls even show Arizona in trouble. 44% McCain 42% Obama.

I gotta say it looks to be building up to be a smashingly good election night all around.

59-41 with so really close races. Kentucky's Mitch McConnell I'm hoping will be one of those hidden unexpected falls. He is the GOP minority leader and I've voted against him everytime I have voted. The latest polls show that race within 4% points and I think that there are several extra factors that havent been considered in polls that can help tip it to Lunsford's way.

Burn Baby Burn: So long Sen. Ted Stevens. Those 7 felony convictions arent going to sit well with voters. Thanks for the seat. Luckily there is no law baring a felon in the Senate maybe AK will let you return?

But who are we kidding ... thanks to all our GOP figures. Your fiscally conservative spending sprees, preemptive wars, tax cuts for rich companies and moral superior banter have been rewarded finally. As George W Bush once said .... "Fool me once. Shame on, shame on you. If fool me we can't get fooled again."

Good luck to Michele Buchmann with your house run in jeopardy just cause you want to bring back the McCarthy unamerican hearings some people think your a crazy person.  Who would have thought people would be afraid of something like seeking out antiamerican activities ... well your only down 2% now.
KY-3 Has Anne Northup running against John Yarmouth again. John unseat the GOP house member 2 years ago by a razor thin margin in my Democratic district. (We voted Kerry and Gore previous elections) and our latest polls show him ( the last 3) up 16%, up 16% and up 8%. Its going to be good to see her lose again. She lost obviously two years ago, then ran for Govenor and lost and now is running for her old seat and looks to be shut out. Maybe we'll finally be free of this lady. All depends on how many times we have to say NO before she gets the hint.





So had a good weekend. Michael and I went out to Connection watched the show, tipped drag queens, talked to friends, drank at the DOC and danced on the box for awhile. Stayed in and cooked a pretty snazzy dinner Sunday night with Pinot Grigio ... of which I only drank half a glass....just wasnt feeling much more than ice water. Now at work till Thursday night but then off through the weekend. Here comes Halloween.

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