Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

The Book of Matthew (reigned in a bit)

So I figured to appear somewhat more stable and to help avoid broadcasting drunk rants that I have to edit or regret sending out I've reset my journal to default "Friends Only" and then went back through and edited all the previous "everybody" to "friends only."

I added my RSS link to facebook and then noticed that it announced all my last ten postings which at least on here I could somewhat bury with other notes. :-) I was kinda amazed what I forgot I had typed in my uninhibited manner. Was almost enough for me to suggest I need therapy. Then I realize thats what my journal is for so I deleted those imports and unannounced the addition. Besides if I want everyone to read something I can specifically set it so that happens, but it seems I am most prolific with a bottle of wine or Stoli.

Congrats Barack and catch ya laters peoples.

And woohoo a new pic that doesnt make me look pale.  ( Tanning bed visit 2 days proceeding this probably helped )

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