Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

Con te partiro

Okay so I think todays music sucks. Too much weird themes .. too much depression ... not enough creative love as I grew up with....yes I sound old but seriously there was a generational shift after maybe 2003 which became negative and may be just now nuetral.

I have a lot of friends who were too young or too closeted to experience a diamond of this early 2000 era. Donna Summer ... the queen of disco most popular for her 1970s work breaks out suddenly with a surprise Italian Opera. I will Go With You - Donna Summer. IT instantly took the dance floors of the cities I was in, Nashville first, then Louisville .... it was gays dancing to opera in sandals.

Then you learn further about the song and find out that Andrea Bocelli sand Con Te Partiro. ... first known to me as I will go with you. I quickly embraced this song and long ago I could sing the english to the Andrea Brocelli version.

This song means and meant a lot to me. It was the anthem of my heart to my boyfriend and we always found each other on the dance floor when the dance mix was played. I seriously feel though I lost Brandon when one night he told me he trusted Crystal Meth more than me because he knew it would be there for him. NOt long after I found myself playing ... Andrea Bocelli's version only. .

Some reason I find Donna Summer to be a celebration, and Andrea to be dispair, all singing the same song.

And I'll attempt to add the video of the celebration to this note. .

Oksay so I am too novice on face book to post correctly apparently. Tell me what I did wrong. Otherwise this is on Live Journal ... where most of my thoughts live for decades..

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