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Ahhh....a peaceful sunday evening. I got up this morning and put my sunglasses on and drove with the windows down grinning in the spring air that was rushing in to the song..."boys of summer."
Had lunch with darling Lyza. We compared notes as to what we both had done last night after we left "Salsa" she stayed behind and me and tristan ran off into the night to our element Connections.
Last night Tristan came over...and we watched a it was the 5th worst movie. lol...I have seen it 4 times this week...still die laughing. Space Mutiny. :-)
Then we arrived at this bar that was having a Louisville Mojo 80's party. Scarey here....I knew the DJ, the DJs buddy...and the bartender. :-) Then ran into an old friend from WKU whom I hadnt seen since 1997. The DJ thingy was actually funny...cause I guess I was up there talking to him enough that people thought I was the DJ. One guy was asking me to put on some slower dancing was like...."Like What?" and he takes my arms and starts slow dancing with was like....jesus, that str8 guy has no idea how drunk he is. But somewhere between "Girls just want to have fun" and our purple hooter shot I think Tristan slipped into a very comfortable mind set and started dancing forehead to forehead with me,...thats when I decided we should get into our element so the str8s werent threatened. Before we left we managed to get our picture taken a billion times. Mojo keeps a record i guess of its parties and posts the pics on the maybe there will be some cute pics of us there.
At the bar in the bathroom was a guy I had helped at gateway...we all had thought he was gay but he had a wedding band on at the store....not at the bar,:-) He was nice enough to tell me I had a great butt...and for all his computer needs he'll be back. will be funny telling the guys at work that he is infact...playing on my team. He is like my dads age, but seems the point I wouldnt mind being him in 20 yrs.
So..its been a long time since I danced at the bar and gazed into the eyes of a REALLY cute guy that I could see was looking at me...not past me. POint here...not since Brandon have I been at the bar with a dateable interest that I felt others were jealous of us. Here are two cute guys...dancing...and actually showing their lip lock interest in each other.
We tipped the usual drag queens...and both shot off our hellos to our friends and such. I like that...I like dating a guy that can show his interest in me so that I dont worry but enjoy him saying hello to others.
Brandon sent me an email...inviting me to visit him in Nashville this week. I work each day, but may get a chance to get away? Who knows. Not interested in dating or sleeping with him...just interested to see a person who has in the past 6 years been at my side for 3. Its a good healthy relationship I think we have. Neither requires anything of the other...both watches out for the other...and we both are becoming more the people we should have been when we were together.
So got up this morning and walked Tristan out...that was the end of date 5. becoming milestonish. Cause I nor he seems to be losing interest. I'll post some pictures of last night here very soon. Its a cute team.
For now I must sign off and go visit my father. He loaned my roomie some cash when I asked for it...and gonna pay him back for the roomie. Thats one thing I have to say about my father....he has taught me that money isnt anything if it cant be used to help those around you. His life lesson to generous, and take care of your own. After i asked he said..."You need to watch out for your buds better Matt." lol...I liked that...cause to him I think he was thinking "You need to take care of your friends before they have troubles." Arty's car had been towed so that was the issue there.
Well....I am signing off and wish you all the same peace I have right now.

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