Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

Proposal Delayed...

So I was seriously planning to propose to Mike last week, but I pushed it off....for one...I dont know his ring size.  Then, growingly and it may just be the bachelor in me, I've become pissed at him, feel ignored and unattractive.

Beyond the fact that when I initiate sex his answer is to cover himself and declare loudly NO.  Or to inform me that he recent had a bowl movement, thus putting me yet again on the receiving end and ... I have to work to get that much.  But of course ... thats just the norm...its Tuesday. 

What I really enjoyed was going to meet him with some random people I have never heard of at Sidetracks, which he originally sad he could see them tomorrow.  So we go down to meet these people, which he later tells me ... he is going home with me.  ( thats key ) Then of course I am cut out of the conversation by people physcially ... as in your in a circle, and someone steps in front of you and the rest close around and your out.  That actually really happened tonight multiple times and I was like .... fuck them all ... I am not going to compete to be relevant. 

Then as we all knew I needed to be at work at 8 am.  I asked to duck out at 1:30 ... with the train that means I have roughtly 4 and a half hours to be sleep.  He has decided he is staying.  I tell him I dont have keys....his reaction is more that isnt his fault.  I am like ... we went out to dinner together!!!  We thought we may go drinking.  You thought you might now be hanging out with them tonight.  You told me you were coming home with me!  ( Oh and its been raining now several hours. )

So I ask for the keys ... he provides them and seems to think either 1 its cool if he doesnt come home, or 2 I am going to sit up and wait for him?  He is NOT leaving. 

This sounds situational and I am an asshole right?   Course last weekend it was the exact same story....I got in by throwing my sandals on the other side of a 9 foot tall fence surrounded by razor wire and climbed up the first section .... yes FIRST section....then got pasted the second fence to be able to dig up the back door key cause .... Mike wasnt interested in coming home with me at 3 am.  So its kinda a pattern....and yes your right ... why dont I keep keys on me?  Well ... does every couple of 4 years who live together plan that the other will not be coming home by 3 am when they go out for dinner.

Back to tonight..... he is not coming home.  Tells me I am irrational!  I ask him if it is rational that one of us have a set of keys, and one of us needs to go the other one is not going to come home.  Where is rational? 

The idiot asshole who has me jumping fences just called to ask that I let him in ..... he has the keys.  ( I am in ) .... I am getting good at jumping fences....yes even in the rain.  There will be no niceities from me.  I am pissed.
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