December 7th, 2003

Matt Leffler

3:1 life turns the revolutions speed the energy of change. Doug...thanks for the extremely surprising gesture. Derrick welcome to live journal...I think, I shall enjoy a narative into the mind of a guy that has always intrigued me.
Arty is visiting soon with his fun. I am getting my tree tomorrow. :-) Only my second day off since thanksgiving. Now...thats a nice pay check! Speaking of such sold 11 computers this weekend...only day I sold 2/3 of the computers for that day. Also working on a 15 computer fingers crossed hopefully they are enchanted by my smile. ;-Þ cause the price isn't...but at $23,000 its not a bad deal for me.
One month from my next student aid check...5 weeks from Ft. Lauderdale.
Things arent too bad.
Flirted with this HP Rep. all day...everyone was like...he's cute but str8. WHAT? The other reps were talking to him and he was responding making eye contact with me for the entire discussion. And when I dropped my pen from behind my ear he came up minutes later to put it and I both agreed...there is a story. interesting person. His wife works for aveda and is getting me my nectar of life...Toning Mist. :-) at cost too! :-)
Its been an eventful long, but one I must say was memorable. Thank you and goodnight.
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Matt Leffler


:x: name = Matthew
:x: piercings = one
:x: tattoos = none
:x: height= 5'9"
:x: shoe size = 9.5 Wide
:x: hair color = dark blond..highlights
:x: siblings = younger brother, older sister and 8 steps or inlaws
|| LAST... ||
:x: movie you rented = earthly idea...rearely watching TV
:x: movie you went to = last movie was Scarey Movie3
:x: song you listened to = Here comes the sun
:x: cd you bought = no earth idea
:x: cd you listened to = Matt Mix - Pure Fanfare
:x: person you've called = Jimmy
:x: person that's called you = never faltering support
:x: tv show you've watched = The Wizard of Oz tonight on channel 7
:x: person you were thinking of = My Father

|| DO... ||
:x: you have a crush on someone = Hell...I don't have enough space to express this.
:x: you wish you could live somewhere else = Chicago
:x: you think about suicide = Never...I have too much aspirations and hope in life!
:x: you believe in online dating = NO. I need touch.
:x: others find you attractive = Don't care...I think I am and thats the only opinion that really affects my day.
:x: you want more piercings = No.
:x: you like cleaning = ha!!! When in the mood I like to go all out!
:x: you like roller coasters = Anything that raises my adrenaline.
:x: you write in cursive or print = Print

:x: long distance relationships = they have their benefits...and drawbacks. It is situational.
:x: using someone = I'd rather be the used than the user.
:x: suicide = if they are physically suffering and can't be helped.
:x: killing people = oh this event I must saying only in reaction to the same action.
:x: teenage smoking = Against
:x: driving drunk = nope...thats a reason why i live a block from the bar.
:x: gay/lesbian relationships = Isn't everyone? :-) Str8 relations...I am not
:x: soap operas = for a laugh

|| HAVE YOU... ||
:x: ever cried over a girl= He acted like one.
:x: ever cried over a boy = Many years ago...Brandon is the last one to ever touch me that close.
:x: ever lied to someone = Only when I know it wont hurt them...and prolly be for their better. biggest mistake is honesty.
:x: ever been in a fist fight = Nope...I ran cross country.
:x: ever been arrested = nope...been searched but was graciously apologized too.

|| WHAT... ||
:x: shampoo do you use = Cucumber melon
:x: shoes do you wear = Sandles when i am lazy, Nike when in a hurry, Skechers when trying to leave a good impression.
:x: are you scared of = not being understood.

|| NUMBER... ||
:x: of times I have been in love?= honestly...twice. Only told those two people I loved them.
:x: of times I have had my heart broken? = broken...three, most just forgotten
:x: of hearts I have broken? = gawd...I don't know. You hope none.
:x: of boys/girls I have kissed? = Girls - 3, boys...maybe 60? I kiss easily. lol
:x: of boys/girls I've slept with? = girls - 0 boys - (pleads the 5th)
:x: of guys you've obsessed over who wouldn't date you: hmm...often I obsess over the boy I am dating.
:x: of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? = which one? :-)
:x: of scars on my body? = One.
:x: of things in my past that I regret? = 1 not visiting my great grandmother enough before she passed on.

:x: pretty - I feel pretty, happy and gay!
:x: funny - only when I am talking.
:x: hot - just when my head is tilted down and my smile is sinister
:x: friendly - I can get along with anyone until I decide they arent worth it. Then I don't allow myself to be ran over.
:x: amusing - in everything I do...almost childish in my manners.
:x: ugly - only when I am allowing myself to be foolish
:x: loveable - and cuddly.
:x: caring - I am always interested in everyone being happy.
:x: sweet - I strive to be everyday.
:x: dorky - 24/7

|| FAVORITE... ||
:x: 5 letter word: lol...David was the first to come to mind
:x: Candy: Shock Tarts
:x: Cartoon: Smurfs
:x: Cereal: Frosted Flakes
:x: Color(s): dark blue
:x: Color nail polish: clear
:x: Least fave day: Cloudy
:x: Flower: roses
:x: Jello flavor: Vodka
:x: Jewelry: dont wear any...maybe a committment ring..used to have one.
:x: Special skills/talents: communication, arguing, computers
:x: Summer/Winter: the holidays and snuggling
:x: Trampolines or swimming pools: to get soaking wet.
|| Person who last.. ||
:x: Slept in your bed: an hopefully an ex.
:x: Saw you cry: Brandon
:x: Made you cry: ditto
:x: Went to the movies with you: Derrick and Brian
:x: Yelled at you: Can't remember...usually silence gets my attention faster
:x: Sent you an email: Arty

|| Have you ever.. ||
:x: Said "I love you" and meant it?: Yes...and still do.
:x: Gone out in public in your pajamas: Went to 6 Flags in them...I was a manager and off duty and got called in to sort out!! But they were cute and I got compliments.
:x: Kept a secret from everyone: Never keep secrets...unfortunately.
:x: Cried during a movie: not since 2000
:x: Planned your week based on the TV Guide: Heck no...I still dont know when my fav. shows come on.
:x: Been on stage: Every moment of my life...but yes...I'm a public guy who will speak when no one else will.
:x: Been to New York: nope...adding it to my list.
:x: Been to California: Nope...but was 45 minutes away drunk in the desert
:x: Hawaii: No
:x: China: No
:x: Canada: No
:x: Europe: No
:x: South America: No
:x: Australia: No
:x: Wished you were the opposite sex: heck no..never trust something that bleeds for 7 days and doesnt die.
:x: What time is it now?: 10:23 PM
:x: Apples or bananas?: Apple
:x: Blue or red?: blue
:x: Walmart or target?: Target
:x: Spring or Fall?: Fall...its the beginning of my season
:x: What are you gonna do after you finish this?: dance in my room to my music
:x: What was the last meal you ate?: a late lunch
:x: Are you bored?: nope...always a million things to do.
:x: Last noise you heard?: Da buzz "In your Dreams"
:x: Last smell you sniffed?: cheesecake

|| Friendship/Love ||
:x: Do you believe in love at first sight?: Yes...cause I watch more than hear...and people say so much by what they do.
:x: Do you want children one day & if so, how many?: yes.
:x: Most important thing to you in a friendship is: Loyalty
|| Other Info ||
:x: Criminal record?: None
:x: Do you speak any other languages?: Nope
:x: Last book you read: Oh the Places you will go
:x: Name some of your favorite things in your bedroom?: My cats
:x: Worst feeling in the world: That I was wrong
:x: Who you love: People that are in my life and some that arent
:x: Who you miss: My grandparents

|| You ||
:x: Nickname(s): Mattie but its rarely used outside of Bowling Green, KY
:x: Initials: MLL
:x: How old do you look?: 20..but was told 17 3 days ago
:x: How old do you act?: when not serious...8 when serious...72
:x: Glasses/Contacts:, clear, grey
:x: Braces: long ago
:x: Do you have any pets?: Two cats that are codependent.
:x: You get embarrassed: Only when I have said too much
:x: What makes you happy?: Random actions of others that show they think of me.
:x: What upsets you?: People not returning the same communication I shell out
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