December 21st, 2003

Matt Leffler


Ugghhh....Ione of my dear house guests said that his allergies were acting up. The SOB gave me and Shane the flu. I sit here at home wrapped up in a blanket, with a 100.4 fever and exhausting my sick leave. Thanks for the holiday I am glad we finally convinced the guest to leave on the 3rd day...was just supposed to be an over night visit...but he was luckily here long enough to infect the world I live in. At work I had customers handing me cough mother came in to get something for her camera and said...hey you have a fever. And my back hurts! I cant wait for this to blow over. I have already missed 2 holiday parties...1 and 1/2 days at work...and a saturday night date with Lyza. In the words of Douglas McCarther (sp?) "I shall return!" But besides the bug I caught I have had a splendid week. Arty has been here twice with furniture...we've gone out drinking, and eating. Eating I got to see one of those 2 guys I claim to love....ahhh....David. You have no idea how dangerous the two of us could be together. Or maybe you do...and thats why we are waiting for the right moment. Arty said why arent you two dating? I was like...ever meet someone you dont want to date just cause you don't want to lose them. David's words " Does he know about us?" " You have to admitt we are more than friends."

David BTW is the guy on the far right.  I am off to Ft Lauderdale in January and I think he is gonna be my copilot. 

Not to detract from the previous boy I mentioed in my last posting.  A human heart has many corners where different people can reside even in absence. I date whoever...I just continue to mention and come back to 2 people. 

Anywho...roommate Arty is expected to usher in a new era of life here at 206.  An escaped past of parties and hosts that always accomplished smiles from guests.  So I am excited in that regard.

Welp...I am gonna resign from the journal for a bit and dream what dreams may come.


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Matt Leffler


Update: temp 101.3 when does the brain melt again?
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