January 28th, 2004

Matt Leffler


So...a delayed update to be followed by some new pictures. :-) Love taking pictures when we go out. :-)
Saturday was a festive event. I had a break through too...often when out I meet the eyes of a cute guy and I send some eyes back and the night progresses and I move on. This time...I walked up. And any way we spent the night walking around together at the bar....he had to leave but he said he'd call. I got home and was like...well here is the moment of truth...will he call back?
So...he did, an hour or so later. We went out to breakfest and spent the day together watching TV, avoiding the ice storm and playing games against the roommate and guest.
So we parted...and the new question was when will I see you again? Well...that was on Tuesday.:-) just 24 hours later...we went out to dinner AND....he paid! Rarely do I find a guy I like that has all of the following.....a car, a job, and the means to pick up a meal. :-) So...feeling pretty good abou this one.
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