February 5th, 2004

Matt Leffler

4:18 PFLAG attacked me.....

So...yesturday their was a big gay rally in frankfort. and i didnt go.:-( Sorry. I dont get discriminated against cause I am street smart to not be subject to the crazy fundamentalists. BUT....

About 4 am this morning some wierdo banged on my door until my neighbors pulled an intervention team assualt as he attacked it with pamplets and highlighters. Arty is huddled in his bedroom cell phone in hand ready to call for back up and I noticed my neighbors door open....we walked out and meet the neighbors who told me I officially have a stalker......his name.....was "Arty". But arty was here. A phantom person using my roommates name to attempt entry into our building and then to pass the neighbors....but why would my roommate be calling random apartments from the front gate trying to get in??? wouldnt the roomie know how???

SO....we have our suspicions of who it is. And it isnt arty. Weird weird how my neighbors described him as "the secretary from hell" cause he had his hands full of pamplets and such....He looked like elvis is how the neighbors portaryed it.....so anyhow....my official note here...if you dont call.....dont expect me to answer the door at 4 am on thursday morning...

in other news....i got my car parts and shall have it all fixed up soon!!!

Also...discussing the gay rights thing...why is it that only really ugly flames and lesbians with bad hair go to these gay rights things? Its like a prereq. if you cant get laid on a saturday....join gay rights???? I support everyones rights...but think you are a fool if you yell gay discrimination when the small protestant farm community tells you you cant wear a dress to the church bazar......its just normal street mart stuff. wait till your in a different scene to act like that....dont force your values on them any more than they want them on you...and if work isnt working out....its free-will/at will......quit. or accept it. ????? i just dont get it.

now...back to my night...hopefully with less excitment
Matt Leffler

Appendix 1 to 4:19 NOT A NEWS STORY

********This is a reenactment************

using the same marker and position as located. 


I have some wild boy who beats on my door until the marker breaks......



I am wanted, and have left an impression on someone.