February 23rd, 2004

Matt Leffler


Ahhh.....sitting here at work. FYI sell your gateway stock I think we are closing stores soon. But back to what I was saying:

So ... Update: Doug came down and visited for the weekend. Was actually rather cool in multiple ways...also had the rare oppurtunity to see my exbf5 and remain civil. So...must admitt that was a cool bonus. Further Doug hope ya had a fun time in the bluegrass state...I did. And thanks again for the express gift card...got some cute polo shirts. Arty did a fantastic job cleaning house...wish he could have been around more but we all have to do what we need to do. Lyza as always was my baby
My roommate.:-) He is quircky. But quircky in an endearing way. I have to say i am enjoying living with him as he is a vry unusual person. Its nice to live with someone who isnt as transparent as I am used too. You keep my always guessing and on my toes.
So...i am signing up for benefits here soon. Still applying everywhere else too. Always keep your options open.

On a side note...in defense and offense of a friend. If you arent invited to read into their thoughts and you find something you werent looking for...like the truth. It doesnt help your case to leave messages or to allow friends that have already demonstrated their lack of class in the past to further compound on a bad situation. i had a spell of this myself back in chapter 2.0

But on yet a final and happy note...I am going home in the next few minutes...gonna grab a bite to eat and relax.