February 24th, 2004

Matt Leffler


So the door to a room at work got locked or stuck...and I was sent over the wall through the ceiling to scale down the book shelf to the inside of the room....but then I jiggled the handle and my boss was like Matt you better be kidding after I ddi this for like 2 minutes....I was like.....damnit I am in the closet and I cant get out!
I had to take the door knob off from the inside...it was actually kinda fun...lol.

I had a good day at gateway...am no longer the second biggest bringer of profits for gateway....I am now number 1. Its the kid face that mothers like I think. lol.

Some forgotten moments of this weekend....I remember our time in the gurls bathroom and I told everyone I had a 7 inch clit and Lyza told me never say under 10" and I tried to lead a rebellion for soap...it was just cool...cause here in the bathroom some guy is just mingling with the girls and having a good laugh.

Talked to my Exhusband...on the phone I think we are planning a trip to nashville in a month...might ask him to go to Chicago with me....I need a weekend break up their.

Also watch WHAS 11 in a week and notice their new Gateway Plasma TVs....I am the one selling those.:-) Fell into that one.:-)

America's Top Model.....hard pick tonight...lol

Anyhow all...see you soon!