March 5th, 2004

Matt Leffler


Ahhh...the air is warm. The buds are visible on the trees. It is the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Cant wait for thunder..:-) I think I will go back on my plan not to have a gala. Just this year I think I want it more structured...less people that I DONT want there and more that I do. That was the annoying thing of last year....people that I dont regularly talk too...and people that I make it a point to avoid...just walking in the house and acting like we are friends. Don't truthful...we arent friends so go find someone else to suck the life from.

But in an uplifting way I am very happy with the day. I wanna go jogging tonight. :-) Arty is out of town which is fineola I think I'll have a couple individuals over point being...its my space for the of any other influences.

I am outa here. At work...and just grinning ear to ear as to the joy of my upcoming weekend.
Matt Leffler


So I am making dinner now.

I am going to try out for a reality TV show. Its perfect for me. The winner gets 200K and the losers get 500 bucks a not too bad. It will be on little limited audience...but who cares. More of an audience than the Matt Leffler show gets now.:-)

I am thinking of buying some more computer items. I need some awesome speakers for my desktop...the notebook stole the good ones. And wireless cards for the desktops. Do I need a digital camera? I mean I fell left out around my roommate and his multiple him pics of soft porn. :-) We may need to raise the bar.

I have a date with tristan tomorrow. :-) No idea where we are going...but that isnt the point. we could go to the post office and i think we'd have a good time.

Off sunday...cant wait. Oh is a link for you all