March 11th, 2004

Matt Leffler

4:42 (corrected my numbers)

Anyhow...back in daville. Went to some awesome mall, pretty impressed with Brandon's home and his two friends I got the opportunity to meet. He is lucky that he finds people that realize he needs alittle looking out for.
Bought some new shirts. Ya know the ones that look like you play on some baseball at the those.
But I am tired and need my rest. A full full day tomorrow
Matt Leffler

4:43 I have a great ass

I must say that in the history of our manager can not recall anytime I customer told the employee...that it was one of his finer features.:-) lol....odd isnt it? lol. Way it happened was a customer came in one day and I briefly spoke with him about camera's and I could tell he Then of course i ran into him at the bathroom at the Connections. (our gay bar)....and of course...what happens but he shows up today looking for me to buy a notebook pad..retail 20 bucks. I also got a card if I wanted a new job, oh and he also said that his ex is 25. "he is 25. Your age actually." I needed the punch line to be repeated before I got it. (Matt prides himself on his wit...realize the same prefabricated story wont have as good an effect on me as someone else. So...well see what happens...I have a prediction...he'll be back for some other odd nick nake in one week. lol But historically my "daddy" is usually 4 yrs or so younger than me.
So Nashville went well. No fighting...he took care of me and I did him. In that I didnt get involved in a discussion over his work ethic his friends were having...I took the high road...and he watched out for me...checking that I was all happy while we were at this gay bar "Tribe." Good that we can be in the same place together...but find ourselves in a better place. oh and I got some really cute shirts.
I am outa here soon. Tristan already stopped in to remind me he is taking me out to dinner. I am off tomorrow...prolly spend it trying to clean alot around the house...its falling apart. and my stellar ass are gonna go. Take care all.