March 15th, 2004

Matt Leffler


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Matt Leffler

5:3 goes the updates.

Saturday was hecktic.  My roomie and I had a heart to heart that was interupted by my work schedule but we were able to get back into it and I feel like everything either of us had been holding back from saying has now been said.  Hopefully we'll be able to grow from these issues.  He had thought he wanted to move and I hope that changes...too much of his time it seems was unstructured and allowed him to simply slip into a missed realization of where he was and why he was here.  Never move for anyone...that means too or from.  He now has completed his first week at a job he wanted so I hope that starts to add some stability and increases his self worth.  He is a great guy...but even great guys lose sight of what they really want. 
Tristan and I have had a couple arguements.  He thinks I am not affectionate enough...I disagree, its something we both have to work on I guess.  Its been stressful and I told him to calm down...its only been 4 weeks so we need to stay focused on the fact that we are still learning about each other.  I dont think I move slow...but I do think I have adapted to not rush into things.  Hopefully with our high communication level and intelligence we can work through these growing pains.  I think he is moving fast than I am.
I am redoing my homepage and boy is it a mess!  Almost debating just ditching the thing...or just modifying what I already have saved off on another computer.  I dont know...It is all so interwoven with other stuff...

Saturday night out was good.  Felt like a good amount of us were able to put down what we may be upset about and have a good time together.  Many times in my drunken state I sat back and thought...everyone I want here now is here, and I feel very complete. 

As for work it is work.  Sales are down this month and I am trying to figure out if I should start a budget.  Student loans are coming due soon so gotta move on that ASAP