March 21st, 2004

Matt Leffler


So I need to work on not being so "real" with my thoughts when I am drunk!! Everyone already knows so why screw up your event by saying it.

Saw Tristan out at the bar...he came over and said hey and that he had called.....( funny how voice mail and caller id didnt catch it) and I was like...okay whatever he turned and walked away and I did the cat claws out hand Boys behaving badly...heck I even got pissed at the roomie.

I think some reason last night was my grand attempt to lose some of the "I am so sweet" stuff...sometimes its better to be viewed as a bitch than someone you can always count on. Guess I wanted to prove the point that as nice as I can be...I can be just as cold.

Men are like klenex, use'em once and throw'em away otherwise you'll keep getting sick.

I think I am gonna create a new policy on boys, boys I like. The first ones arent to be trusted...and the second group are to be avoided.
Matt Leffler


:-) Just ran across a song...Morrissey/Disappointed. "I drank to much, said too much...and there is no way but down." :-) Cute how life's beet can sometimes find just the right tune to dance too.
Matt Leffler


Would you like some cheese with your whine? :-) Ba Hum Bug! No more pity whine here. Can barely control my life, why worry about others?

So washed my car, did some laundry and finally put my TV together in my room. Welp...I am going to watch a TV and eat popcorn that has more butter than the legal limit allowed. I like my room now..:-) I can watch tv and use my laptop and never need to