April 5th, 2004

Matt Leffler

6:6 Reflection

Today I got early comparable for the time I usually do. Took a long extremely warm bath with salts, and aveda products, and with that as the beginning of my day I got up and have enjoyed it.
Made a nice lunch...have been doing laundry. Sending out mail, and cleaning house a tad. I've also applied for a few more jobs and gotten some calls about some. I have multiple financial companies now on my prospect list. American Express or AXA Advisors. Anyone have a clue as to which is the better way to go? Both have called.
I am applying for my unemployment benefits. So that should look just fine.
Been enjoying Doug's chocolates. :-) FYI. Never send a person who is down candy....they eat too much and get fat.:-) I plan to go for a midday job across the bridge in a bit.
Honestly I'll share this...I am now like a week into my Welbutrin XL. :-) I dont know if it is really as great as I think it is...but at this point its nice to have a crutch that at least maybe mentally makes you think...I need to get up and seize this day!
Arty Arty Arty. :-) You think I talk about ya alot on here. Your right. But most times it is me just expressing my enjoyment of you in my life. Sometimes it is my expression of my anxiety. Just remember that your awesome and a big peice of why I am feeling better. Just watching TV with you can make my tomorrow.:-) "With a shot of vodka and a couple pills.lol" But seriously...your one of the few light'n rods (KY Twang) I have in life and I thank you.
Now back to my 42" CNN . :-)