April 6th, 2004

Matt Leffler


So I had dinner ready today at sharply 5:30. Figured the roomie should eat before class...but he took off today and I was glad he did. We ate dinner for the first time at our table....that is funny...we've lived together for going on 4 months. Jesus...that seems so long compared to how long I feel like he has been here. Seems like just yesturday.
After dinner Lyza came over and we three went to Walmart..bought Kites and then hit waterfront park...sure it was late...I mean 10 o'clock late...but thank gosh for those big lights over there on the great lawn. We got tired running laps. But before we got there I wanted to showe Lyza the adult bookstore...forgot about that one. I think the porno about the midgets was the one I most enjoyed...but the title.."She sucked my balls." has resurfaced the most between Lyza and Arty....lol.
We also found ourselves in the wrong parking lot...so I took a detour off road over a drainage ditch, bottomed out on the curb...and presto...we were in the right spot...lol.
Then we came home...got some more food for us....watched KPAX, I really enjoyed it...also liked leaving Lyza and Arty's questions answered in silence...since I've already seen it. Last night we watched Identity, I had never seen it. Its a good one too.
Isnt it still odd how the best experience can simply be laying next to someone feling their heartbeat against your back and their breath behind your ear as they sleep. :-) You feel simply enamored.
How could anything else matter? Off to rest for preparation of the new day tomorrow. I have more to do.
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