April 9th, 2004

Matt Leffler

6:10 The End of a chapter

So today was the last day of Gateway. I flew my Kite in the parking lot...played basketball in the service center..and played computer games that I installed on my laptop.
We had lunch all together at the store. And it was a very nice, light hearted event. We are all getting pretty good severance packages it looks like. I am getting 3 weeks of pay, plus being paid for next week which I am not working, plus my vacation week of pay...so, 5 weeks of work...that I never work. Not bad...now I have to decide what I'll do next. I got approved for my unemployment so that starts sometime soon too.
I am off to Nashville tomorrow. Gonna hit the malls, get a hotel room, and the roomie and I are off to the bars. Should be fun..both of us free of the B.S. and stress that has become our Louisville.
Also...the roomie is thinking of leaving. He is saving so he can do it. I dont want him to leave...but more important I hope he does what he wants to do. So with the prospect of losing my more than just a roommate in him...I am debating if maybe it is time that I followed his lead? Not LA but Ft. Lauderdale. I'll have the money from my severance, and other than him and my family and the real friends...I have no reason to be here. Yes the people are important...but when the present most important people leave, and your job dries up..maybe your being given a once in a life time hint that it is further your turn to spread your wings?