April 12th, 2004

Matt Leffler

8:1 The Reconstruction

Well, its Monday and I am up and about pretty early considering my sleep habits and the fact I havent got a job.:-) Been up since maybe 10? Applied for some more jobs online, walked around the house and began planning my new decorating scheme. Dont forget Thunder Over Louisville is one week away and rain sun or shine I need to have this place ready for the weekend I expect. (see www.thunderoverlouisville.com)

Anyhow obviously recently some things have happened which would probably lead someone to NOT have a party. But this is my 5th annual gala and the show must go on.

So as the week progresses I will clean every inch of this house. I'll begin restocking the liquor...( I have a reputation of doing the opposite ).

Each year is interesting. Both for the people it brings into my life, and those it brings back. This party to me, is kinda like my coming of age party...lol. :-) Started to go out and this building, this party 6 years ago was a launch pad for the world I'd someday be apart of, love, and hate.

So...this is now a time of celebration. Of another year of friends, and friends from long past. :-) One night...to party Matt style.