April 13th, 2004

Matt Leffler


Just mainly wanted to pass on a cute line I heard yesturday.

Why is it that we know when love ends, but can never really say when it begins?

I am stewing here and have plans for the coming days that will redo alot of the stuff missing here. :-) I'll fill ya'll in laters.

Oh everyone say Hi to Abe. :-) He just may be joining us at the party? We shall both have to see. More on that laterz. Plus he has been given the webpage addy, and now has found a glimpse into my thoughts.
Matt Leffler


:-)    To help you follow me...you may want to click here and listen to the song of the moment.  I uploaded it just so you could join in. :-)

In a conversation with someone I used and pulled together a lot of the wisdom that has recently been shared to me by friends.  So if you see your thoughts repeated in this, I acknowledge this is an adaptation. 

There is someone out there that is the perfect fit for you, for me even him.  I had a friend once who said in life its like God gave us a map in a nap sack with all the things we'd need in life, but he threw us over here and it over there.  Most of life's lessons are the journey to finding that answer.  We just have to keep working to find that treasure, the meaning of who we are...and in that we find all the answers we ever looked to find.  Your friends are also on this journey, and if you build relationships with them on honesty and mutual protection you can weather the storms together.  Remember together we are stronger.  To steal a line from a song I love.."Put your hand in my hand and I will show you the way and you will understand."  Don't forget that they are on the same journey and like you may lose sight from time to time, but that’s why your there.  So, just remember every time you look back and see regret, you lose your way to the real goal.  Your energy is being consumed by a force you will never change; the past is a guaranteed constant.  Happiness can not be found in the past, it needs to be the present. 

Love is an odd thing, it’s easy to see when it ends...but so hard to remember exactly when it began.  Anger is the single easiest emotion for one to project. But the key is realizing, that anger is a byproduct of hurt, and hurt is a byproduct of love.  Genuine people, who act from the soul, even when confused by the heart, are a rare bread and someone that should never be allowed to walk out of life.  The truth REALLY shall set you free.

I can’t tell you what to do, I can only hope for more.  I could never dream the things you dream, because I wouldn't know where to start your dream.  Love those lines too.

I was talking ironically to an ex about some of this...and it was suggested that maybe people should be less trusting, to protect themselves.  I argue that if you do this you have lost and allowed the past to control your future.  Always give openingly of your mind and heart and you will find more times than not as people grow wiser in their young lives...that this sincerity will set you apart.

Don't worry about me.  God blessed me with an undying ego and self-righteous resolve that allows me to get up, shake the dust off...and keep trying.  Ask anyone who knows me..."You think you’re always right."...course I do, would hate to see what it is like to think you’re wrong and keep walking down that path.  If I feel that I have errored, I want to be the first to admit it publicly, that’s the best way to fix what you've done...stand by it and try to correct it.  So..just pursue the way you need to go, we can't save anyone until we save ourselves.

No one is evil; some of us just haven't yet realized the long term benefits to enduring the rain for the flowers that grow.  But I've learned if you run from the storm...there is always another one coming upwind.  You'll never find stability always running.  Further you'll lose your footing on the trail if you chase after someone who wants to run.  Let it be, just let it be for you.

So...in a drawn out conclusion.:-)  I am good!  Dancing round the house and marching forward to a new job...a new home...and closer to love.  Wanna walk along?