April 18th, 2004

Matt Leffler

8:6 Thunderific

So Thunder is basically done. Its 6:07pm and the fireworks went off 9 hours ago. Thunder 2004 was a thunder to write down. Me drunkly walking about the building asking str8 people if they saw my pussy walk by..could they please hold it. (I had thought I lost Cleo)
Jason was on hand to begin the day, and Lyza quickly checked in. It was 10 am and she still had to pay $20 bucks to park 2 blocks away. I love thunger!
Brb...more friends just arrived from thunders ago....be right back
Alrighty back...so where were we? Anyhow we left the compund as I called it to be amongst the "common people" and had a pretty good time. Ran into an old friend John, and drank and drank and drank.
Went to the bar, kept up with the apartment and guests...as we went closer to the fireworks we had more and more...was a fantastic crowd sometime round 10ish just before the bar...prolly 60 people in the place. Which totally has shot my job of moping the floors. But we all had fun and everything made its way through the wildness.
I was reminded tonight as I got ready to go to the bar while talking to an old friend....I only do this so I can see the old friends. Its like returning to your highschool reunion...each year is a reunion. Love ya all. :-)
We took a FEW pics...we'll post them once Lyza gets them downloaded.
Obviously more decadence happened but I dont wanna put in print my excursion in the shower with anyone. :-) Fun time at the bar as well. Saw lots and lots of the people that shape my views. Ahhh.....THUNDER. This is what its all for...celebration of history, my history I celebrate is the people.
Again I am drunk so I'll fill ya in laters on all this stuff. Point of this posting, things went well this year.:-)
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