April 20th, 2004

Matt Leffler

8:9 Priviledged Information

So mostly what I have to say on here I wanna say is not a secret. But I have to say that there are times when I want to share something and feel I can't because it may be too early for someone to hear something, or maybe I dont want the thoughts in my head to fall into the ears of those I dont trust.
But this is my journal! I am passing on saying what I want. I like my journal, I enjoy having this moving history of my thoughts. Thus...the friends only item will start being used to express private thoughts in a more controlled way.
My journal isn't my attempt to gain attention from people I will never meet. My ego can't be built on by sticking stupid pictures of myself on here or being in a community based on this none sense. Thats why...I only gain in my use of friends only. I like the interaction with others, but now I want to control who the others are going to be. :-)
So...on now to the new friends only/sometimes public journal. Just like me, friends come first in this journal.
Matt Leffler

8:10 So what I had to say...

So I am waiting on a new boy to come over for breakfest. I just woke up next to him this morning at his house. I am smitten! Sweep up in the emotional drunkiness my brain can create.
Who is he? FUnny...I've seen him for years here and there but never said hello. About two weeks ago...I broke my since and walked up to him. Then 2 days ago we ran into each other, and I started talking again...he suggested we have coffee before he had to work...so we did...he left that date late to go to work...I thought hmmm...a good sign he wasnt wanting to leave.
While he was at work he texted me 3 times and called once...normally that would put me off....but I see a person that is the exact model of the ideal bf for me. :-) And I think to myself what a wonderful world...:-)
So...We agreed to meet for drinks last night and a movie. He had some friends out with us, but he asked me to sit next to him. That was awesome. Bought my dinner, so I bought his movie and he reached across the arm rest to stroke my hand...:-) Then we watched Tv at his house, made out and agreed to not have sex but sleep together. :-) So I woke up this morning next to someone who has alot of potential. Now I must run to lunch...we have a walking date afterwards. :-)

P.S. he is cute, has a job, a car, his own place, and is my age. :-) Mixed with the conversation and the tender touch...I may be seeking some more with this one. I know it is early...but I rarely fall for someone like this so quick...usually it means I know there can be alot ahead...so here is to the future.
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