April 23rd, 2004

Matt Leffler

8:13 The Job

So...lots of change afoot.

Ron and I are doing extremely well. While not admitting love, we both seem to agree that the idea of "at first sight" could be something. Havent spent a night apart and constantly throw text messages across to each other. I've memorized each feature of his face and body. We spend so much time looking in each others eye, our kisses match so well, and we agree that our body's merge perfectly when holding each other. He called me his boyfriend today, and last night we agreed that if we saw other people it would send the wrong message so we need to just be exclusive.

Job...I think I got it. The Store Mercandisher. Basically after my phone interview, my face to face interview with the visiting district coordinator and another phone call and presto I think I am now a background check away from being over the marketing of different products in 18 Home Depot stores. I'd be over stores in IL, IN, and KY. Salaried 32,000 plus .25 a mile, and a car allowance, with an expense account, benefits, and bonuses. :-) My boss would be in Detroit and I'd report to no one locally.:-) Not bad at all for 25 yrs old. Also went to my AT&T interview, they said they had no immediate openings, I was like...I dont really care your offering me about 10,000 less than these guys so I am only here cause a few days ago I figured this might be a good opportunity, now I have a better one. :-)

The roomie is back. How long I dont know. It was his idea to move out, so I am not going to hold him to it. I know he plans to leave soon, when that comes so be it. At present these weeks have done wonders to seperate the fact from fiction. We are now roommates.

Yesturday I went jogging....locked my keys in my car, once pop-a-lock got the door opened I grabbed my phone cause Ron had messaged me, but the battery died. Damnit. Then the phone wouldnt work all day so finally took it to the sprint store where they fixed it.